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Lincoln, Nebraska Travel Guide // A Surprisingly Beautiful Place

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

I definitely consider myself more of a big city person, but one thing I love about being with Dalton is that he has taught me to appreciate the simpler things in life. I never saw myself really having a blast in Nebraska, of all places, but this was our second trip to visit Dalton's sister there and we still love it as much as we did the first time. What I really love about Lincoln is that it is the state capitol, so there are so many great places and it actually feels like a "big city".

This travel guide will be a review of our time there this year as well as last year, since we did a lot more exploring during our time last year, and this year was much more mellow. We'll start with where to stay, followed by where to eat and what to do.

Where to Stay

Each time we're in Lincoln we stay at The Graduate Hotel. I love the concept of this place-- they're located in a ton of college towns all over the United States and are based around the state/city they are in. Each one is so different so it feels like a new experience each time you stay at one. We have on in Fayetteville that I am VERY tempted to just book a one night stay at. Also, the interior design is fantastic. I'm not very good at mixing wallpapers/textures/colors when it comes to interior design, but I can tell you that the Graduate does it right!

Where to Eat

This is where things are getting good. Over the course of our two trips, there have been a plethora of excellent food places we have tried. First up, last year we tried Lazlo's. It's a brewery and grill where I ordered a chicken grill sandwich Napa style, and while it was good, it was not my favorite. I also got a brown sugar and cinnamon latte from The Coffee House that was absolutely divine. We ate at Blaze Pizza for lunch and I thoroughly enjoyed the white top and added artichokes and mushrooms. On our second night, we went to Single Barrel and I got the pulled pork sandwich with sweet bbq sauce and garlic potato cakes. Lastly, we went to Good Evans for breakfast the next day. I ordered a London Fog Latte that I adored, and some pancakes that were subpar. Now, as for this year, I can provide you with pictures! First thing's first, we ate at Hopcat and we ordered the "Curd Your Enthusiasm" which is an appetizer that comes with cheese curds and avocado ranch, it was absolutely delicious. I also ordered a Turkey Bruschetta burger that was very dry, and I do not recommend.

After dinner, we headed over to Rabbit Hole Bakery, where we got a variety of different desserts. Dalton ordered a raspberry cream puff, a mint chocolate chip brownie, and a black and white tart. I ordered two peanut butter chocolate cake balls, and Melanie (Dalton's sister) ordered a peanut butter chocolate cake ball and a slice of the red velvet cheesecake.

The next day, I tried a Cookie Butter Latte at Crescent Moon Coffee and I have to say, it smelled better than it tasted. We ended Saturday night with a dinner at Kasumi Sushi, where I ordered edamame, spring rolls, and chicken fried rice. It was all really yummy, except the chicken fried rice came in a hibachi style dish, which I didn't mind.

Lastly, we dined at Woodee's for breakfast, and it was a diner style restaurant, so you know it was good. I really enjoyed the pancakes!

What to Do

Lincoln isn't a big city, so there isn't a ton to do. In fact, this time we actually just got to hang out casually with Dalton's sister, because we did so much last time. The first thing I would recommend is to take a tour of the University of Nebraska's campus. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and we actually got to see the football stadium when we went, too. Secondly, I would recommend touring the state capitol. I love the big city feel of Lincoln, and the fact that the state capitol is in the heart of downtown definitely adds to it. While you're there, you should also check out the governor's mansion. You can schedule a tour or you can do what Dalton and I did, which was just take a picture in the front. Lastly, I would also recommend a walk around the Haymarket District. It is so fun and there are a ton of cool restaurants and shops to stop in at. Plus, if you stay at the Graduate, it is within walking distance to the Haymarket.

Definitely check out Lincoln, Nebraska if you're ever in the area.

Love you all so big,


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