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Father's Day 2021 // An Interview With a Dad

Just as I interviewed my mom on Mother's Day, I wanted to do something similar with my dad on Father's Day. If nothing else, these blog posts will be very special to me to have in my future.

Who are you a dad to?

My daughters are Devyn and Logyn, but I also have four step-children: Ashley, Austin, Hunter, and Addie.

What are your favorite qualities about each kid?

Devyn is thoughtful and selfless. Logyn is funny and athletic. Ashley is passionate about the things she loves. Austin has a big, fun personality. Hunter is loyal and Addie is witty and charismatic.

What is your favorite part of being a dad?

Giving my kids the opportunity to experience new or unique things or places and creating memories.

What is your favorite thing to do with us?

Play games (board games, strategy games, etc).

Do you have a favorite memory with us?

Our 2009 trip to California and our 2018 Thanksgiving trip to Park City, Utah.

Feeling super grateful for my dad this Father's Day season, and I hope you all had a great time celebrating yours.

Love you all so big,


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