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Celebrating Mommas // An Interview With a Mom

This is a VERY unusual blog post for me, but I wanted to switch it up! I know Mother's Day is technically over, but I took the opportunity to visit my mom last weekend and I decided to ask her some fun questions about being a mom! Please enjoy this interview I did with my bestie girl, my momma.

Who are you a mom to?

You made me a mom (Devyn), your sister (Logyn), and Tyson (my fur-brother, the puppy). Technically she had a dog before me, but I made her a mom to human children :)

What are your favorite qualities about Logyn and I?

My favorite thing about you is your heart. You love with all that you have and are fiercely loyal. I love Logyn's drive. She doesn't just have drive to be successful, but she is also deliberate about being a good person, too. AND my favorite thing about Tyson is that he is always excited to see me, whether I've been gone for 5 minutes or 5 hours. He's there for my good days and my bad days with a snuggle and a kiss.

What is your favorite part of being a mom?

My kids. Seeing you guys grow up, come into your own, and find your way. I love watching and being a part of that.

What is your favorite thing to do with us?

I love to make new memories with y'all. Sometimes it's harder as you guys get older and are busy with your lives but it makes it more special when we can get together and spend time together.

Do you have a favorite memory with us?

We went to Disney World. It was the first trip just the three of us. I saved and saved to be able to do it. We got to see all of the parks and it was during Halloween so we stayed at Magic Kingdom after the park closed for trick-or-treating. We also drove to the beach one day and spent the day there. It was just so much fun!

I know this was a shorter post, but this is so special to me. So thankful for all the mommas in my life, but especially this one!

Love you all so big,


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